Recalibrating Manufacturing IT for the Post-COVID World

Manufacturers now have a long, uphill battle—particularly if production capacities remain limited by social distancing precautions or if supply
chain reliability suffers. As a result, IT spending is expected to fall by more than 3% in 2020.2 In a Deloitte survey in February 2020, 51% of the
manufacturing leaders say they will spend their digital transformation investment on changing and transforming the business model and 35%
on building out next-generation digital core.

• Manufacturers focus digital investments on building out the digital core to power Industry 4.0 use cases.
• Further embrace Industry 4.0 to incorporate and benefit from advanced technologies like augmented and virtual reality, video
analytics and machine learning
• Change or transform the business model to support digital revenue streams and change the way customers are engaged through
design, production, and service delivery.

Speed is the name of the game. Manufacturers that focus on customer needs and offer developers an easy and fast path
to innovation will be able to reduce costs and improve efficiency while enabling faster innovation. A small percentage are already there, and
they continue striving to get faster and better. Others have work to do, but there are ways forward for them. Whether you are executing on
your priorities or just getting started, you have options not just to get in the game, but to win it.

App Dev Priorities in an Era of Crisis and Recovery
Aug 25, 2020


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